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Linz Heritage Angus is our one-of-a-kind genetics program that brings together the best herd genetics, the most knowledgeable breed experts, passionate partners, and the Meats by Linz tradition for providing only the best. The result? A return to what makes steak great. Quality, consistency, and taste, are all within your control from start to finish.

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It begins with mating decisions, AI, and embryo transfer work; sourcing the next generation of replacement females; and developing our bulls to meet producer’s standards. We follow our feeder calves from the ranch to the feedlot and into our cutting facility.

We’re in this for a purpose: to create steaks that can be traced back to the ranch and the bull that produced them. For us, it’s about pride, passion, and elevating our purpose. For our customers, it’s about trust, quality, and control. And for the industry, it’s about a return to what we know works. You can expect more. We’re here to give it to you.

The LHA Difference

Verified Genetics

Highest Quality Angus Breed

Generational Superiority through Replacement Females and Donors

About Our Herd

At Meats by Linz, our mission has always been to bridge the gap between rancher and chef and understanding the quality demanded. Like everything else we do, our Black Angus herd comes from a commitment to our partners, our customers, and to delivering the very best. We’ve created relationships with some of the most knowledgeable breed experts in the industry. The result? Year-over-year improvements that manifest in each year’s calf crop and herd – a herd derived from the absolute best genetics.

The verified genetics in our Linz Heritage Angus herd consistently and uniformly produce high-performance cattle with the most sought-after traits. We track every aspect of our herd – diet, daily gain, and environment they live in – to ensure that we maintain an environment that produces beef highly touted as the finest by respectable establishments worldwide.

The Linz Heritage Angus program considers every variable, from conception to plate, and converts them into an advantage by controlling them for quality. This offers transparency to our customers and ensures the most consistent and highest-performing Black Angus cattle in the world. With Linz Heritage Angus, our customers have something their competition doesn’t – a true conception to plate experience.

Our Ranch: Blue Branch Ranch

Blue Branch Ranch is one of our latest steps in our continued commitment to provide a herd of Black Angus sire and donors that rank best in the world. It’s all in support of our partners and our customers. Our ranching operations in Byars, Oklahoma, sit on over 5,000 acres of thoughtfully designed lands. We hold up to 800 mama cows and their calves and employ a team of ranchers committed to our herd, land, and standards.

Our Feedlot: Timpas Feedlot

Linz Heritage Angus recently partnered with our Cattle Procurement Manager, Anthony Randall, to purchase the feedlot in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Our feedlot boasts a 10,000-head capacity, including pasture setting to develop additional cattle. Our Southeast Colorado feed yard allows the cattle program to collect accurate data and continues to help our program improve its genomics on the registered Angus side. Our feedlot aids Linz Heritage Angus in tracking our calves’ progress – daily gains, consumption, and scanning data of each carcass.

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