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The difference is in the details. When you partner with us, you don’t get the typical center of the plate protein. We proudly hand cut our steaks to the exact specifications our customers request. We work with each of our partners to find the cuts that work best for them and ensure every box you receive is exactly what you need. Not only do we custom portion control, but we also custom age our beef and will assist you in finding the perfect age you’re looking for.

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You might be asking, “what is the Chicago Trim Standard?” Simply put, our Chicago Trim Standard is a tighter and cleaner spec. We remove the unnecessary external and tail fat to create a steak that is trimmed to perfection. We take the extra step when hand cutting our product to ensure our partners get a steak their kitchens can count on.

Chicago Trim Standard

For centuries, Chicago has been recognized around the world as the heart of the United States’ meat industry. Originally a hub for harvesting and distribution, Chicago’s meat industry has evolved into a center for steak cutting and distribution. With modern technology, an abundance of skilled meat cutters, and decades-old companies like Meats by Linz, the Chicagoland area has maintained its reputation as the premier source of fine cut steaks and chops for restaurants around the world.

At Meats by Linz, we strive to perfect our workmanship and refine our ever growing national and international distribution operations. While most companies are satisfied with the normal North American Meat Processor Association (NAMP) cutting specifications, we go several steps beyond by seeking exceptionalism through our Chicago Trim Standard.

USDA Beef Grades

Marbling is the primary factor in the USDA grading process. The intramuscular fat, seen most clearly in the USDA Prime cuts of beef, is what we commonly refer to as marbling. These white flecks are indicative of a tender, juicy, and flavorful product.

Our breed-specific Linz Heritage Angus is available in Choice, Reserve (Upper 2/3rds Choice), and Prime. We also consistently stock commodity products in Choice and Prime.




Upper 2/3rds Choice



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