Take a deeper look into the story and history of Meats by Linz with a selection of our videos.

Learn More About Linz Heritage Angus

With our unique combination of unmatched service and our one-of-a-kind Linz Heritage program, that combines world-class genetics, get a behind the scenes look at our premier beef program.

Explore Our Dry Age

Take a Tour with

The Linz Family

Take a quick tour of our dry age room with the Linz family. Our cutting facility houses one of the largest dry age rooms in the country, holding 13,000 muscles at one time. Our team of dry age experts has perfected temperature and humidity control in the room to create our signature flavor profile. The room also has fans mounted throughout to circulate air as well as UV lights to kill bacteria.

Perfecting Aging for Over

Four Generations

Learn more about wet aging vs. dry aging and how we have perfected our aging knowledge over four generations. Our aging process begins by wet aging all of our beef products. After the meat is cut and portioned, it’s then placed in a vacuum-sealed cyrovac bag. While dry aging beef is the process of laying out a piece of beef, predominantly middle meats such as ribeyes, striploins, and short loins, in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment. By monitoring the amount of days or weeks a piece of meat is dry aged, we control the decomposition of the enzymes within the meat itself.

Hear From Our Customers

We take pride in our customers and creating a true partnership with them. You’ll hear from a select group of our customers on how we service, our commitments, and our industry changing program – Linz Heritage Angus.