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We’re proud of what we do best. We’re leading the industry with our Linz Heritage Angus program, sourcing all of our Linz Heritage Angus beef from our very own herd of cattle. We leave nothing to chance by controlling every aspect from conception to plate. We custom age and portion all of our beef to our customer’s specifications. In addition to our world class Black Angus, we supply various Wagyu items sourced from trusted partners and cut to perfection at our processing facility.
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Why people trust
Meats by Linz

If the steakhouse cares about quality, consistency – and they all do – Meats By Linz is definitely the purveyor to deal with. But what makes them different is trust.

Craig Huse, CEO & Co-Owner, Huse Culinary – St. Elmo Steak House

As a restaurateur, there’s so many other factors that are out of your control or that can go wrong in that experience, and knowing that you’re going to put a great quality steak on the plate is one thing you never have to worry about with Meats By Linz.

Chris Clifford, Vice President of Business Development & Purchasing, Huse Culinary – St. Elmo Steak House

It’s amazing how you see people saying, ‘Oh, this is the best steak I’ve ever had in my life,’ so that just tells us that we’re doing something right.

Youssef Chakrani, Director of Operations, F&H Food Trading Group – Little Alley Steak

As a chef, the reason why I would always choose Linz products is because they are the best. Now that I’ve experienced all that it is, and all that’s behind it with the passion from the people that get it to me, I would always choose Linz. 100%. Because it’s excellence and that what we’re known for.

Chris Bischoff, Executive Chef, Little Alley Steak

I believe a restaurant should choose to work with Meats By Linz if they’re looking for a true partnership and to grow their business into the future and take care of their customers.

Dave Wilson, General Manager, Manny’s Steakhouse

They take care of the product – they honor it. I love that word, because they not only honor the business, but they honor the product, too. It’s like a homage.

Ricardo Anorve, Founder & CEO, Sonora Grill Group