Wagyu, a Japanese beef cattle, is highly sought after for its unique and unrivaled marbling. This luxury meat is known for its buttery tenderness that creates a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Meats by Linz is proud to source Wagyu from partners that share the same standards for excellence. 

In order to remain consistent, a meat quality grade standard is used to identify beef that fits Wagyu criteria. The Japanese Meat Grading Association developed the Beef Marble Score (BMS) range of 3-12 with 3 being the minimum amount of marbling and 12 containing the most marbling.

Our Signature Cuts

  • Domestic
  • Japanese
  • Australian
    • Ribeyes
    • Filets
    • Strips
    • Tomahawks
    • Bone In Ribeye
    • Ribeye Filets

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