There’s a lot that goes into every one of our steaks. And a key part of that is aging. Aging beef is the process of preparing beef for consumption, mainly by breaking down connective tissues. Aging beef has been around for centuries and until the middle part of the 20th century, dry aging was the most popular aging process for beef.

At Meats by Linz, we have perfected old-world aging techniques through four generations of butchers. We work closely with our customers to age to their exact specifications and find the perfect flavor profile to give your guests a fine dining experience they won’t forget.

We dry and wet age to our client’s exact specifications. Some of the beef that we dry age has a light age of two weeks. For other customers, we dry age their product for up to 85 days and beyond.


Our aging process begins by wet aging all of our beef products. After the meat is harvested, it’s then placed in a vacuum-sealed bag. The meat rests at a low temperature above freezing to slowly break down the connective tissue over time, creating an enhanced tenderness and flavor.


Dry aging beef is the process of laying out a piece of beef, predominantly middle meats such as ribeyes, striploins, and short loins, in a humidity and temperature controlled environment. By monitoring the amount of days or weeks a piece of meat is dry aged, we control the decomposition of the enzymes within the meat itself. This decomposition shrinks the piece of beef due to the evaporation of water inside the muscle tissue, while also adding tenderness and an intense flavor profile to the meat.

Our Dry Age Room

Our cutting facility houses one of the largest dry age rooms in the country, holding 13,000 muscles at one time. Our team of dry age experts has perfected temperature and humidity control in the room to create our signature flavor profile. The room also has fans mounted throughout to circulate air as well as UV lights to kill bacteria.

As we move to our new Hammond, Indiana facility in 2024, our dry age room will be greatly expanded to hold up to 20,000 muscles. The room will have the most state-of-art technology and officially be deemed as the largest dry age room in the country.

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