The Best Cocktails to Elevate Your Steak Menu

June 30, 2024

Complement your unparalleled Linz Heritage Angus steak experience with a distinctive cocktail that will awaken your guests’ tastebuds with rich and savory flavors. Whether you’re serving one of our juicy Ribeyes, Filets, or Dry-aged cuts, we put together a list of unique, flavorful cocktails to elevate your steak menu.

1. Syrah or Shiraz

When serving a brisket, tri tip, or any smoked meats on the BBQ, pair it with Syrah/Shiraz wine. This wine is high in tannin content and acidity, making it a medium to full-bodied red wine best suited for heavy, meat-based dishes. Syrah holds a smoky, peppery flavor that is excellent for pairing with red meat dishes, especially grilled or barbecued meats. As a dark structured wine, it holds up beautifully to both the grain of the meat and the smoke from the BBQ. If looking to intensify the robust flavors of dark fruits and chocolate, use a dry or wet rub with bourbon for the ultimate wow factor.

2. Whiskey

Have a dry-aged or wet-aged ribeye on the menu? Pair it with a glass of whiskey. We recommend Willett Pot Still Bourbon, Mid Winters Dram High West, Redbreast, or Midleton. The fat from the ribeye is what makes this pairing. It offers the big flavor needed to go with bourbon’s taste of oak, vanilla, and char. The juice from the steak will allow the sharp notes of the whiskey or bourbon to go down smooth.

3. Paper Plane Cocktail

Add a unique touch with the Paper Plane Cocktail. Don’t know what this is? Create this equal-parts drink with .75 oz of Amaro Nonio, Aperol, Lemon Juice, and Bourbon. This strong and refreshing cocktail would go great with a filet or raw application, like Tar Tar or Carpaccio.

Pairing the right cocktail with your steaks will elevate your dining experience to the next level. Encourage your guests to enhance the flavor of their steak with these unique offerings. These cocktails will be sure to leave a long-lasting, flavorful impression.