The Region | It Matters

Like fine wine, beef is a result of many components working together. It all starts with cattle raised in optimal conditions for quality — conditions that can be found right here in the Midwest.  All Linz Heritage Angus beef is procured from this region, and the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The genetics, feed, climate, and care all work together to produce the finest Angus beef available.

Among many factors in the quality of beef, the environment in which cattle are raised is one of the most important.  While you can find cattle being raised across the United States, there are definitely advantages and disadvantages depending on the region.  The farther south you go, the warmer the climate; high temperatures can lead to heat stress for cattle, which can affect everything from marbling to tenderness.  Some breeds of cattle are better suited for more extreme temperatures, but the end product lacks the overall quality of Angus beef.  The milder climate of the Midwest is an ideal region for black Angus, resulting in a product that eats second to none.