Five Ways to Elevate Your Menu This Summer

May 1, 2024

Welcome summer with some of our favorites – from our dry-aged selections to Red Top Farms Berkshire Pork. Elevate your menu with our signature Porterhouse, seasonal favorites – gourmet hot dogs, beef patties, and more.

1. Dry-Aged Selections: Our dry-aged cuts are legendary and are a great option to shake up your summer menu. The flavors and aromas are unique to our dry-age environment only found at Linz. The robust earthy aromas and deep beefy flavors are loved by guests. Cook the steaks over wood fire or charcoal to further enhance the eating experience.

Learn more about our dry-aging program.

2. Linz Heritage Angus Porterhouse: This is the perfect cut for guests to share. We recommend a 32 oz cut for 2-3 people or a 48 oz cut for 3 or more. Grill only for rare-medium, finish in the oven for medium or more cook temps. Impress your guests with a beautifully plated sliced steak that showcases the best of both worlds – the tenderloin filet and the flavorful strip steak.

Learn more about our Linz Heritage Angus cuts.

3. Linz Heritage Angus Hot Dogs: Wow your friends and family at your next neighborhood BBQ or grace your lunch menu with an iconic Chicago dog. Our all-beef hot dogs have people lining up next to the grill for seconds.

Learn more about our famous Linz Heritage Angus Hot Dogs OR order a pack right to your house.

4. Burger Patties: It’s not summer without a delicious burger. Choose from seven of our signature burger blends, each with a unique flavor profile. You can select from our Gourmet Blends, Dry Age Blend, Prime Blend, and Wagyu Blend. You can’t go wrong with a Meats by Linz burger on your menu.

Learn more about our burger blend options OR enjoy our burgers at home.

5. Red Top Berkshire Pork: When choosing protein partners, we only work with partners who share the same values of consistency and quality. Our partners at Red Top Farms offer a great antibiotic and hormone-free program. The Berkshire breed is renowned for its tender and flavorful cuts. Our two favorite summer cuts are Pork Butts and the Tomahawk Pork Chop. The Pork Butt is the perfect item to cook low and slow on the smoker, while the Tomahawk Pork Chop is a tried-and-true cut with a unique presentation.

Learn more about all the Red Top Farms programs.

With summer on the horizon, Meats by Linz is here to help you spice up your menu this season and offer your guests some unique proteins. Contact your sales representative about these items or our entire product catalog.

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