Why Our Steaks Sell Better

May 30, 2024

What makes us the best? It’s a unique combination of unmatched service and our one-of-a-kind Linz Heritage Angus program that combines world-class genetics programming and four generations of Linz butchering and aging expertise. Simply put, we create a product and an experience that can’t be matched.

1. Generations of Tradition and Trust

Our roots as meat purveyors go back 60 years when the Linz family first started butchering. Meats by Linz was founded in 1963 as a Chicago neighborhood butcher shop and has grown into one of the most renowned meat purveyors and distributors to the world’s leading steakhouses, restaurants, resorts, country clubs, casinos, cruise lines, and sporting venues accepting nothing less than the best.

We proudly remain fourth-generation family-owned and operated, striving to continuously raise the bar in the meat industry. With four generations in the business, the Linz family honors the tradition of sourcing meat, strives to revolutionize the industry, and holds true to our family values.

2. Beef Sourced from Our Herd of Linz Heritage Angus

Linz Heritage Angus is our one-of-a-kind genetics program that brings together the best herd genetics, the most knowledgeable breed experts, passionate partners, and the Meats by Linz tradition for providing only the best.

Our Linz Heritage Angus program allows us to source directly from our own line of Black Angus cattle. It took decades to refine, resulting in a precise scientific approach that separates our Black Angus from its competitors. To produce the most consistent and high-quality meats possible, we took control of our supply in 2012 with the purchase of our first bull American Made and have created a herd derived from the absolute best genetics.

It begins with mating decisions, AI, and embryo transfer work; sourcing the next generation of replacement females; and developing our bulls to meet producer’s standards. We follow our feeder calves from our ranch in Byars, Oklahoma, to our feedlot in Rocky Ford, Colorado, and into our cutting facility. From the genetics, feed of the cattle, weight, age, and environment in which they develop – we control it all. We hand-pick only the best genetics to produce the highest quality beef for consumption. We create steaks that can be traced back to the ranch and the bull that produced them.

Our Linz Heritage Angus program bridges the gap between rancher and chef. We offer transparency to our customers and ensure the most consistent and highest-performing Black Angus cattle in the world. With Linz Heritage Angus, our customers have something their competition doesn’t – a true conception-to-plate story to share with their guests.

Quick Facts About Our Linz Heritage Angus Cattle:

  • Only genuine Black Angus
  • Corn-finished for a minimum of 180 days
  • No antibiotics or hormones for at least 120 days before harvest
  • 18-month average age at harvest
  • Family farm partnerships using only the finest Linz Heritage Angus genetics
  • Surpassed all USDA regulations and industry certifications
  • Hand-selected genetics for high-end quality cuts

3. Our Custom Spec and Dry Aging Programs

When you partner with us, you don’t get the typical center of the plate protein. We proudly hand-cut our steaks to the exact specifications our customers request. We work with each of our partners to find the cuts that work best for them.

Not only do we custom portion control, but we also custom age our beef and will assist you in finding the perfect age you’re looking for. Our wet and dry aging programs are centered around customer preference. We wet age and dry age to our client’s exact specifications. Some of the beef that we dry age has a light age of two weeks and some customers ask that we dry age their product for up to 85 days and beyond.

As we move into our new Hammond, Indiana facility in 2024, our dry age room will be greatly expanded to hold up to 20,000 muscles. The room will have state-of-the-art technology and will officially be deemed the largest dry age room in the country.

4. Personalized Waitstaff Training for Your Teams

Eating a Meats by Linz steak is more than a meal. It’s an experience. That’s why we work with our customers to provide training that helps your teams create that one-of-a-kind experience with every bite. We provide our customers with the tools to educate their staff on the steak section of their menu, giving them the confidence to understand the product and answer any questions guests may have.

It starts with learning about what makes Meats by Linz unique – our history, cuts, process, and Linz Heritage Angus program. Our team is dedicated to equipping waitstaff with all the information and inspiration they need to ensure guests receive the highest quality service with the highest quality steak.

We also focus on all the value-added training that makes a memorable meal – wine pairings, flavor profiles, and more. Training can happen onsite at your restaurant or one of our properties, like Blue Branch Ranch.

As one of the most respected meat purveyors in the world, we do not take this responsibility lightly and guarantee to provide our customers with only the highest-quality meats and service. At Meats by Linz, we take pride in being the exclusive provider of Linz Heritage Angus beef – giving our customers full control of quality, consistency, and taste from start to finish.