Partner Spotlight: Fioretta

May 30, 2024

Fioretta, an Italian American Steakhouse located in the Fulton Market District of Chicago, seamlessly blends steakhouse fare with elevated versions of old-world Italian cuisine with help from Italian American Chef, Joe Rizza. Our partnership with Fioretta extends from a decade-long partnership with DineAmic Hospitality restaurants built on trust, commitment, and high standards of quality. Fioretta is proud to work together with Meats by Linz and Linz Heritage Angus to source the highest-quality steaks that tell a true conception-to-plate story. With consistent 5-star reviews from guests, the demand for quality beef has never been higher. Hear from the Culinary Director of DineAmic Hospitality, Chef Joe Rizza, about Fioretta and his experience partnering with Meats by Linz.

What is the overall concept or inspiration behind Fioretta?

Fioretta’s concept is based on modern takes of 1960s supper clubs and steakhouses. Think Don Draper in Chicago in 2024. Live music, a strong dirty martini in hand, tableside Caesar salad carts, and succulent steaks grilled over an open fire.

What is your favorite dish on your menu?

Absolutely the New York Strip. It is so well marbled, that when it is cooked perfectly to medium, it is like butter melting in your mouth with every bite.

What drew you to working with Meats by Linz?

Their attention to detail, their strict standards on quality, and their love for the industry. If I call Fred or Zac Linz, or Pete Heflin and tell them we think there is an issue with any of their products, it will be addressed and remedied by the next day if not within a few hours the same day.

What is your favorite part about working with Meats by Linz?

The relationships that we built, the trust that we have, and the commitment they make to our brands like we commit to theirs.

What is your favorite cut from Meats by Linz?

I am a strip kind of guy. So, the LHA Prime 45-day dry aged NY Strip will always be my go-to.

What is your best advice for a chef/restaurant owner when it comes to running a successful restaurant?

Only the weakest leaders think they can do it all themselves, don’t be afraid to ask for help. We learn something new every day in this industry, be a sponge every day, every shift. Also, write everything down! EVERYTHING!